Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to remove a stump?
A: Every job varies from the number of stumps, size of stumps, amount of debris removal, and other factors involved. Upon assessment we will offer you a FREE ESTIMATE of the project.

Q: Can your stump grinder access yards with narrow gates?
A: Yes! Our equipment can fit through a 35″ opening, which includes the majority of walk-through gates.

Q: How long does a stump removal job take?
A: A single stump job generally will take less than an hour and the time will then vary with stumps of a larger size or quantity.

Q: Do you have customers set up on Auto Plow during the snow plow season?
A: Yes! Through our Auto Plow service we can plow your driveway every time it reaches the predetermined
amount set by the customer.

Q: What is your plowing area?
A: We have accounts ranging from North Pole to Farmers Loop Road.

Q: Do you chip the brush or just haul it away when you clear the land?
A: Either. We can chip the brush into a pile on your property, for later use, or we can chip it into our truck and haul it away.

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